Jesus Loves You

Jesus loves you. He came into this broken and fallen world so that He might save you from its destruction. He became one of us. He walked in our shoes. He experienced our pain, our trials, and our temptations. He even experienced our death. He went ahead of us. He made sure the path to the Father was clear and free of any obstacles. He removed all our sin. He destroyed the power of death. He made the path clear and without burdens.

He promised that He would prepare a new home for you. It is a place of beauty, love, peace, and everlasting joy. He promised that when it’s your time to travel that road, He would come to get you Himself. He prepared the road, and He does not want you to walk it alone.

In fact, He does not want you to be alone…ever. So, while He is away preparing your eternal home, He sent the Holy Spirit of God to live with you AND to dwell within you. He promised you peace. He promised you joy. He said that even though the world will deliver difficulties, we need not fear. He has provided our victory. Not only did He provide victory, He even promised that all of the riches and blessings of God are now ours!

He found you when you were poor, and He has made you rich. He found you when you were lost, and He has taken you by the hand and led the way. He found you when you were a sinner and has forgiven you. He found you lonely, and He has become your friend. He found you an outcast, and has accepted you. He found you sad, and has given you joy. He found you despairing, and has given you hope. He found you in darkness, and has given you light. He found you an orphan, and has made you a part of the family of God.

As a member of this family, He has bestowed His name upon you…the family name. With this name comes the honor of righteousness. With this name comes the glory of heaven. With this name comes eternal life. With this name comes the privilege of calling One Father.

The name He has marked you with, the name that He has bestowed upon you, is the name Jesus. Because of that name, when the Father looks at you, He knows you are His precious child. Because of that name, when the Father sees you, He sees a righteous son or daughter. Because of that name, when the Farther sees you, He seeks to lavish you with eternal love and joy. Because of that name you are loved, saved, and forever accepted. Because of that name.

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