Burn What?

So they want to burn a Quran, what of it? I find this whole episode where commentators of all stripes are calling for this little dinky church of 30 people to pleeeeeease not burn the holy Quran, quite revealing. Who would have thunk that 30 people could cause so many around the world to cry foul. By contrast, I wonder how many bibles have been burned in the last year without so much as a whimper of concern.

I know for a fact that bibles are burned in North Korea, China, Laos, certain parts of India, all over the Middle East, Indonesia and other places as well. Nary a word is said in outrage over such acts. What is normally not told – well, bible burning stories are never reported in main stream media to begin with – but what most don’t realize is that along with the bible burning in many places is the killing of the Christians who owned those bibles to begin with. This is a well documented fact.

However, at face value, the desire to burn the Quran is simply stupid. It obviously cannot accomplish the goal of the church, which is to warn people of the dangers of Islam – or can it?

After reading several different columns of talking heads who frantically were calling for this pastor to rethink his stupidly, I became uncomfortably aware of a nagging little truth. These people are afraid.

Of course I do believe that burning the Quran is stupid for several reasons. First, it will not win a single Muslim to faith in Christ. Second, it will endanger Christians in Muslim lands. Third, it will insight Muslims to violence around the world … maybe in my neck of the woods … gulp … maybe in my neighborhood?

Ok, I’m afraid too. DONT BURN IT!

I think the little church has made a big point.

It would, of course, be wise not to go through with the act, especially when we consider what will happen to Christians in lands where Muslim majorities seek to make a point themselves. But it won’t be only bibles being burned.

Christians, what are we to do?

1st, we are to always share the truth in love – no matter the consequences. Let me emphasize love. Burning anyone’s book is not an act of love!

2nd, we are to always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within us. This means we defend truth … in love. No one comes to the Father but through the Son.

3rd, we are to always demonstrate the truth through how we treat our enemies. Jesus asked the Father to forgive His tormentors as He was being nailed to a cross.

4th, we are to let Muslims know that God loves them enough to send Jesus Christ to die for their sins.

5th, we have to be willing to die to make that great truth known.

Lovingly share the truth. Defend the truth. Live the truth. Proclaim the truth even to those who mean us harm, and be willing to die for the truth.

That’s what Christ did. And that’s what we do!

1 thought on “Burn What?

  1. I have been thinking about this and I have the currently malformed and half-baked idea that burning that filthy thing is a good idea. I have studied Islam a good bit and have concluded that it is less a religion than it is a system to enslave everyone in the world including its adherents. – So do you convert the poor souls by titptoeing around their book – or do you take the example of Moses and burn their golden calf ? It is my understanding that Coptic Priest Zakaria Botros has made a great deal of headway in his work by confronting the facts of the koran head on – pulling no punches. While I probably have some differences in some points of Christianity with Zakaria Botros – if he is pulling people away from moloch and his mohammad – then he is doing good work. 25 years ago at KPBC I learned of efforts by radio missionaries to convert muslims and though I am now fuzzy on the way they were doing it – I am pretty sure they were confrontational to some degree- I do recall that they were under constant threat.

    You must understand the concept of abrogation to know anything about the koran – otherwise what is read in it is not worth a bucket of warm spit.
    well – as a document of faith it is less than a bucket of spit – as I understand the only assurance of salvation or paradise is to those who are martyrs – all others are at the mercy of a very fickle system

    by the way – to counter the stuff about “burning books is a bad idea” – my estimate is that there are something like 200 to 300 Billion of the things currently in existence

    so if you burn one – well it is not like you are going to create a shortage of them – if you burn one written in english – well then you are doing them a favor as their perfect man, mohammad, specifically forbade them being in languages other than his and to follow his teaching they destroy them


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