Capitalism 101

It has been touted by our comrade-in-chief that healthcare is a “right” that all people are entitled to. In that regard I assume he views healthcare in the same vein as the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. When one looks at those principles that are ascribed as rights, what is observed is that they are A) seen as God given liberties that can only be denied through tyranny (as with the declaration of Independence); B) seen as a protection guaranteeing individual liberty (as with the Bill of Rights); and C) revolve around freedoms that are intrinsic to an individual, but which do not deprive others of their liberties.

Regarding the last point, for example, the first amendment guarantees that I have the “right” to practice my religion without molestation by the government. It also guarantees that I have a right to express my point of view without fear of reprisal. The second amendment ensures that I have the “right” to bear arms and protect myself. These “rights” maintain liberty for a citizen but do not deprive another citizen of their rights in the process.

When I write this blog, my writing does not deprive another of their “rights.” When I purchase a fire-arm, I am, again, not depriving someone of their fundamental liberties. When I worship on Sunday I am not depriving someone of something. It appears that what we as a body politic have always viewed as valid rights, have always leaned in the direction of protecting the liberty of citizens, but never at the expense of others. Continue reading