Our Days our Numbered

“Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).

We hear people say that “life is short.” But the reality is that very few people allow that truth to guide how they live. Most people go on as though they will live forever. But if we would pause every now and then and remember that our time has an expiration date, we might stop to consider eternal things. One day – and it is fast approaching – we will stand before the eternal One. Wisdom is gained by remembering the brevity of life. One day we will stand before God and give an account of the time we had. In that moment so much that we find important today will seem like trivial nonsense. “Why?” we will ask, “Why didn’t I think about this day?” The only thing that will matter in that moment is God. And we will know then that the only thing that mattered in life was God. Remembering that that moment is fast approaching will encourage us to “redeem the time.” And it will encourage us to live for God. The truth is that life is short. We are but a vapor and a breath. It goes by so fast. That moment of accountability will be here before we know it. We should live today with the knowledge that tomorrow we stand before Him. How would that change your day? What would be different today if you knew that tomorrow you will stand before Him?

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