Hello, and thanks for visiting my web-blog!

My entries are designed to encourage Christian growth through understanding God’s Word. The phrase, “Faith seeking understanding” is an ancient creed that helps us realize that spiritual growth begins with faith. In an age of skepticism and doubt, where many people make themselves the center of authority, it is necessary that as Christians we allow God to speak to us, even when our initial understanding is dim.

It is my prayer that your faith is enriched and your spirit encouraged today!


6 responses to “About

  1. Your message “The Risen Christ” was a blessing to me. I will tell someone about Christ this week. I praise God for sending His Son to died for my sins and preparing a place for me after my life on this earth is over. AMEN!


  2. Thank you, and Amen!


  3. I have been searching for a preacher that I think gets it and I might have just found him. The bad thing is I live right around the corner for two years now from Florida and never considered it. God and his grace truly are Amazing. Sometimes the Spirit has got to take you around the block and then behind the woodshed before you can see and fully understand truth. Look forward to hearing you preach in the morning.


  4. Love your pic of the grass. Looks so much like one I’ve taken just recently in my backyard.

    I was so blessed a few weeks ago when I stayed and listened to your message. In fact, I’ve been blessed every time I’ve heard you preach. I’m glad you are here in Elizabethton.


  5. Thank You Travis for declaring “Come and hear…….., and I will declare what He has done for my soul.” The uproar of this Good News is all the news we need on our world!!! AMEN


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