An Idea Whose Time Has Come

There are some things more dangerous than a loaded gun in the hands of a criminal without a conscience. Ideas. specifically bad ideas in the minds of a people who have lost their conscience. In our culture today we are swimming in an ocean of bad ideas. The problem is that we are so used to the intellectual pollution that we have forgotten what good, wholesome, healthy, God-honoring ideas are. As a result our collective conscience had died.

Bad thinking does not lead to dead ends. It leads to dead people – physically, morally and spiritually. Take abortion for instance. When a woman aborts her child, the child is not the only casualty; usually the mother is as well. The baby dies a physical death, and the mother, having already died a moral death, begins to experience spiritual death as well.

Why did mommy have an abortion? Because somewhere, someone told her that it was a good idea. Before that, some politician convinced a rogue court that it was an idea implicitly embedded into the constitution. Before that some activist convinced women that it was an idea that would promote a woman’s health. Before that, it was practiced by people who knew the rest of society rejected abortion as a very bad and destructive idea – so they practiced it in the dark, so to speak. What was once considered an evil idea has today been transformed into a good idea; but, it’s still a bad idea – and a dangerous one too.

A bomb set off in a busy place can kill and maim many people. But once the explosion ends, the damage does as well. A bad idea set off in the right place begins to kill many people, but as the idea spreads, so does the damage it causes as well. But, unlike a bomb, the shockwaves of bad thinking continues endlessly until someone stops the aftershock with a counter assault. In that regard ideas are really like viruses. They keep breeding, spreading and destroying people until an antidote is discovered and employed.

The antidote to bad thinking is good thinking. Good thinking is grounded in truth; and undistilled truth can only be found in the Bible. Truth is a thing. It’s not just an airy sentiment. Bad thinking is a thing too – a dangerous one at that. If you saw your child playing with a loaded gun, you would quickly take it away! If you saw your child playing with a Bible, hopefully you would sit down with them and explain to them the love of God, and read it to them. In our society today, we are giving children loaded guns and teaching them to play Russian roulette. The consequences are obvious.

One of the worst ideas that have come along is the one that tells people who are looking at their children play with a loaded gun, that their child needs to explore, and convincing them that standing by and doing nothing is a good idea. “Oh, she is learning to think for herself!” No, she is being taught how to kill herself. But that is where we are today. I read where some nut-job wrote that teaching your kid the Bible is tantamount to child-abuse. Only an insane person could make such a statement. What’s worse, though, is the number of people who have swallowed the idea that all ideas are essentially equal, and therefore they think the nut-jobs comment is harmless.

Ideas are things. Good things build, and bad things destroy. When I look at the landscape of our culture, I see the effects of many, many bad ideas. The wreckage is everywhere. And every day we witness more expositions and casualties. I hold in my hand the Bible. I open its pages. Truth emerges, lives are rebuilt. Strongholds are laid waist, rubble is turned into a dwelling, and the shockwave of falsehood, and bad thinking crash upon its shores and discovers it can go no further. Christian, pick up your Bible, open it, read it, live it. The greatest weapon for good is already in our possession. Do not be ashamed of it! The lives of many depend on it.

5 thoughts on “An Idea Whose Time Has Come

  1. Sorry to say that, but I find it horrible to see if someone tries to make his/her own religion look like the “one and only truth”. Have you ever looked around you, there are so many religions out there that give us ethical guidelines. I will be honest to you, I do not believe in any specific religion, but I am always trying to find the aspects of each that I consider as positive for myself and I try to adapt my lifestyle to them. I am not asking you to follow that path, of course, since it is up to you to belief in whatever you want. Not that I would care what you believe in anyway, but please, please, please do not try to convince others that your religion is “truth”. It is at maximum truth for YOU. Sure, its actually a good thing if you found truth for yourself. Keep it with that. Thank you.


  2. That’s a really bad idea. However, the reality is that you do care what I believe. That is why you wrote your response. While telling me not to convince others that my religion is true, you want to convince me that yours is true. But yours is not true. Sorry, but that’s the truth.


  3. WMW –
    Is it an absolute truth that there is no absolute truth? That’s a conundrum for post-modernists.
    Your practice of picking and choosing certainly feels good, but isn’t that have us defining God? Isn’t that exactly what the OT continually teaches us not to do – not make up our own gods?
    More importantly, what do you do with John 14:6? Was Christ wrong? Lying?


  4. The only thing that I want to say is the following: I do not like the idea of being a “missionary”, the idea of trying to convince people that one’s religion is “truth”.
    I do not believe in an absolute truth, but here again we are talking about beliefs and no belief can be proven. Therefore I logically do not want to say, that my “picky” way of practicing religion is the right one, because again, it is a belief. I have no intention to discuss which religion, which god, which belief is the right one, because from my perspective, there is no “right” one. Thus what you (Travis Biller) say is incorrect. I do not care what you believe in, I only care about the fact that you are trying to convince your readers of your belief which is something that I disagree with. Feel free to go ahead and share with people about your beliefs, just please do not call them truth. It is YOUR truth, YOUR reality, not everyone’s.


  5. whitemeetwhitened ,
    Relativism falls flat on it’s face out of the gate. It’s an impossibility for there to be 6.5 billion differing truths on the planet today. By your own admission your TRUTH is your Truth and someone else may have another. But your saying his is wrong because yours is right. There is no neutral stance on this issue. Most people are so opened minded that their brains are falling out. There is only one absolute truth and this truth you can’t afford to get wrong.
    As far as proving there isn’t a God and if there is which one is the creator of the universe? The God of the Holy Bible ever claimed to be said creator! The rest were philosophers and thinkers. The Bible is the only religious text that can be historically proven. And if your looking for Science to “Prove God” you might as well and try to weigh a chicken with a yard stick. Wrong tool. Proving the Supernatural is impossible with man made trinkets and reasoning. Except to look around you and gaze upon the face of God and take yourself out of the drivers seat you never will understand.
    I mean take this screen your looking at right now. We couldn’t logically argue that it popped up into existence out of no where. It had to be designed by someone. And the Truth of that claim couldn’t be relative to your or my opinion on the matter of fact. Could it? I mean can physical matter i.e. the Universe and everything in it just have popped here without a cause? Absolutely not, impossible. You cannot get SOME-THING out of NO-THING . Therefore if physical matter has a cause, and the universe in physical matter. Then the Universe had a designer. Bottom line, it takes more faith to believe the contrary. You’d have better luck throwing random letters at a wall and writing Hamlet.
    It also seems your mad that someone has a differing opinion than yourself. Which seems odd to me. It seems to me your intolerant of someone writing on a blog. Are you scared of Truth? I mean your so mad that he’s pushing his morality onto you, but aren’t you doing the very same thing? Your pushing your morality onto people whom read Travis’s Blog and Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because he has Supernaturally changed my life and I am living proof. Yet you don’t live inside my mind, nor did you know me in the past, nor do you know me now to witness the “supernatural change”. So it’s I guess that’s up for grabs in your mind as to the validity of my claim. But that doesn’t change Truth. Bottom line, Suns going to set, and it’s going to rise again. Water is wet. I mean are these things lies ?
    But let me ask you this. If there is no Truth, is it OK to say murder people? That depends right? Maybe on situation or circumstance. Let me clarify. Is taking a 5 year old little girl, violently raping her, pouring gas on her and lighting her on fire, IS THAT EVIL? Now I want the Truth? Because maybe it’s not evil in other parts of the world. Maybe it’s everyday occurrence. Which would make your little rift about a man claiming there is a God a pretty shallow annoyance in comparison. Is their Truth in believing that raping and burning 5 year old girls right for them and just wrong for you? Or is it UNIVERSALLY WRONG ???? Wow there’s that word Universal again. Yes there’s Universal rights and wrongs because no matter how you answer this question point is if it happened to you and your little girl got burnt by a rapist you wouldn’t be like. Well it was right for them, WHO AM I TO SAY? You know morality is so relative these days… Think about what your saying before you say things. Your living in God’s world and no matter how much you dislike it, the Truth will never change. Just your perception. Which like you said is only True for you but cannot be actual Truth for the Universe… I’ll be praying for you and I’ll leave you with this Truth from Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seems right to a man,
    But its end is the way of death.


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