The End of Liberty

When a people begin to uphold a lifestyle that is in opposition to God’s laws, then that people will come to a point where they will be forced to make an untenable decision. Today as a society we are now embracing homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle. We now have a sitting president who is in favor of promoting same sex marriage. However, because that lifestyle is in opposition to God’s revealed way of living, our society is experiencing conflict.

The conflict is a result of two worldviews colliding. At many turns today we are experiencing the tension as these two opposing lifestyles butt heads. Homosexuals have become emboldened to bully everyone into accepting their lifestyle as legitimate. When people express concern over that lifestyle, the gay community demonstrates that they will not tolerate anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle choice.

Unfortunately, many people today have acquiesced into giving them the liberty they desire. However, in making the decision to accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle that must be defended, society must necessarily close the door to lifestyles choices that do not harmonize with it.

For example, Vanderbilt University has recently made a decision that all civic groups who use university property, must allow anyone who so desires to be a part of their leadership. This decision was the result of a gay man being denied a leadership role to a religious organization. The net effect of the decision is that the religious organization will most likely become a thing of past for the university.

In choosing to defend the gay lifestyle, the university will lose the rich heritage that comes from people of faith. But the university will lose not only their participation in campus life; they will also lose the religious liberty that has so successfully defined us as a people.

When our religious liberty gives way to a conflicting lifestyle choice, freedom itself is in jeopardy. The society that accepts a lifestyle at the expense of its own history, and at the expense of God’s revelation, is a society doomed to failure. Today we are at an important crossroads. The wrong choice will not simply mark out a new horizon for our country, but will prove to be the end of liberty as we know it.

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