Rise and Shine!

“And when those hired about the eleventh hour came, each of them received a denarius … For the last will be first and the first last” (Matt 20:9,16).

Some people thrive in the morning. They wake up bubbly and ready to go. They usually wonder how anyone in their right mind can sleep past, say 6 am! By seven they have cut the grass, ran to the store, cooked pancakes, sausage and eggs and begun any chores that were needed to be done that day. Others, not so much; they are slow to rise in the morning. Like a 747, they need a long runway to get going in the morning.

I’m a not so much person. I need a long runway before me in the morning. When my alarm goes off, I’m usually somewhere between death and the comma state. I usually have to set my alarm a good hour before I have to get up. It takes me a good 45 minutes to even hear the confounded thing! It takes me another 30 minutes to even realize where I’m at. And people wonder why I drink so much coffee in the morning.

The Christian life can be like that sometimes. There are some people who jut take off running. Before they are a day old in Christ they have won people to the Lord, volunteered for every VBS, missions trip, and service community project the church can throw at them, and they still want more. Those are the early morning Christians! God bless ’em!

Then there are others who wake up to the Christian life much more slowly. It takes them a good while to warm up to everything. Coming into the church is a strange experience. They love the Lord, but are sometimes unsure of His people. They want to grow, but take longer to be comfortable in Sunday school and worship. They know the direction they want to go, but are not always certain on how to begin. That describes my first few years as a Christian!

The wonderful news of the Gospel is that Christ loves the slow to raise Christians as much as the early morning Christians. In fact, the bible says that God shows no partiality between people. Our Father takes delight in all of His children!

So whether you’re an early riser or still waking up, God seeks to bless you richly in Christ. Even if it’s late when you get to the table, He’ll keep the pancakes warm for you.

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