Bursting the Bonds

Welcome to the Socialist States of America (SSA)! After the vote tonight the IRS will become the new insurance police who is charged with A) making sure your insurance meets government approval and B) collecting all funds including levying all penalties for those who have not meet the requisite standard approved by the new health czars. In the mean time the new health czars will be charged with deciding who gets what, when, where and how – never mind what the doctors think. In addition, all of our medical records and financial records will now be accessed by said czars and the IRS. Not only does our ability to choose become null and void, but our privacy is also swept away.

Of course, all this will not happen immediately. It will take time for the complete single payer system to evolve – but evolve it will. Tonight is the first step – check that, Obama’s presidential victory was the first step – in curtailing genuine American liberty. Not to sound too negative, but I believe we are watching not only the transformation of America but the end of its period as a genuine republic. Of course all such titanic historical shifts move somewhat slowly; yet there must always be a starting point that makes the change. And there’s that wonderful word! Remember the chant encouraging change, “Yes we Can!”

And so they are poised to do it. I remember my college days when I witnessed students under the influence of avowed communists declare that we need a revolution in our country.There is a wide segment of our society who has been led to believe that America is truly an evil nation. They believe we are responsible for most of the ills of the world, and therefore we have the responsibility to fix them. At least that’s the rhetoric.

Of course the truth is somewhat more sinister. What they really want is altogether different. America has always represented something greater than the people who make up the country. It represents an idea that freedom and liberty come from a divine source. All of our founding documents speak about our responsibilities to the principles that give rise to liberty. We may praise self-sufficiency, but only as a person’s ambitions are curtailed by personal responsibility to God’s laws. As a society we have historically held people accountable to standards, principles and laws that transcend our wants, desires and ambitions. This is the foundation of the rule of law (lex rex).

This idea that God governs the affairs of men, and that all people are free to live as they please, in-so-far as they do not run counter to God’s law, is the corner stone of our society. Or at least it was. When the true, die-hard liberals who are behind the “change” that we so desperately need, got a hold of our higher education, media and now government, their goal is nothing short of the eradication of God’s influence on society. It may seem like a leap to suggest a health care bill is such a challenge, but when we consider the overarching and sweeping transformation it has the potential to bring to our society, the conclusion is plausible.

When we look to our European neighbors an obvious observation is that Christian influence has waned in proportion to escalated government growth. Why has Europe’s social-religious structure been so radically changed over the last six decades? Because as people depend less on God and His laws (as once did the American Republic) they are more inclined to need something to replace Him. God provides stability in ones life. Socialism and communism provide a great opiate for those who have no transcendent foundation upon which to rest.

What an irony that the great hater of the Christian west, Karl Marx, remarked that religion was “an opiate for the masses.” History proves that religion is the foundation of all our liberties; and anti-God paradigms lead first to a loss of liberties, followed by possible tyranny before they collapse into a barbarism that unleashes the worst attributes of our fallen condition – ala the French revolution, the Soviet Empire, Nazi Germany, communist China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea and the many African nations that have followed this path as well.

At the core of tonight’s vote is not a victory for the uninsured, but a giant leap in the direction of a society that no longer believes God governs our lives. It is the manifestation of a deep spiritual insecurity that seeks to assuage the existential anxiety that has resulted from our departure from God.

But it also represents a deep seated belief that is a core tenant to all liberal philosophies; namely that all people are not sinners but instead have a native goodness upon which perfection can be attained. Another reason, then, that government becomes the answer to man’s problems is because it believes – against all evidence to the contrary – that man can fix his fallen condition. Sin, such thinking encourages, is a product of environment. Change the environment of man and you change his destiny.

All such attempts have only lead to greater calamity. In the end, what we are seeing play out before our eyes is the conflict that the psalmist wrote about millennia ago:

“Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us” (Psalm 2:1-3, ESV).

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